WELCOME to the only accounting system to ever make your bookkeeping EASY, FAST, EDUCATIONAL, and complete enough to “BULLET PROOF” your small business tax return!

Accounting software can be cumbersome and difficult to handle. It can slow your company down and make tax time almost impossible .

In contrast to other accounting solutions on the market, What_Count$ will help to alleviate your accounting headaches with a simple bookkeeping template that is designed to be easy to use. What_Count$ operates on the philosophy that accounting shouldn’t be difficult—the business owner should be in total control. No more difficult to understand terms, or complicated accounting processes. This simple bookkeeping template makes accounting quick and easy.

What_Count$ was created by tax proffesionals with small business owners in mind, knowing what they usually ask for, and what really matters when looking to save their hard earned money. Based on multiple worksheets you can:

•  LEARN what is deductible for your business

•  CREATE strategies that will reduce your taxes

•  TRACK your daily expenses

•  SEE immediately your MONTHLY and YEAR TO DATE income and expenses

•  PRINT out forms to record information while traveling

•  INPUT data your tax proffesional will need to complete your taxes the first time

•  INSTANTLY CONACT a tax proffesional with more than 3 decades of experience for assistance with your personal tax QUESTIONS.


ARE you tired of looking through shoeboxes of reciepts and invoices to prepare for your annual meeting with your tax proffesional. What_Count$ provides a simple bookkeeping template to keep track of your income and expenses throughout the year, and it creates a year end summary which will allow you to be ready for the TAX MAN monthes earlier.

The best part of this simple bookkeeping template is instant access to a very experienced tax proffesional. Bob Adams has been helping BUSINESS OWNERS save money on their tax bill for over 3 decades. With your purchase, you will have access to Bob, and his associates to help answer your tax questions.


"It’s Simplicity is Mind Boggling"

-Bill from Utah-


"Bob Adams really created gold with this template. I wish I had a copy years ago, it would have saved me hours each year! "

-Brad from Oregon-


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